Brake for centrifugal dehydrator


PURPOSE: To easily set the desireble braking time by providing the notched part at the opposit side of the winding side of the brake shoe which is formed with the thermoplastic resin material. CONSTITUTION: The wedge-shaped notched part 15c to form the split end parts 15a, 15b is formed at the end part on the back part side C of the brake shoe 15 which is formed with the thermoplastic resin. By doing so, the brake shoe 15 can be mounted by contacting the whole surface of the frictional surface 15e with the brake wheel 7, and furthermore, since the sufficient winding force on the top B side can be obtained by the coefficient of friction of the shoe 15 and the plasticity applied by the notched part 15c, the desireble braking time can be constantly obtained. Also, by inserting the elastic body 16 such as rubber into the notched part 15c, damage to the notched part 15c can be prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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