Movement control system


PURPOSE: To optimize the synthetic response characteristics of a movement control system by providing a movement mode and holding mode with respective dedicated integral control elements and by determining the constant of the integral control element of each mode independently. CONSTITUTION: A method of supplying a manipulated variable to a controlled object according to a deviation of the controlled variable of the object from a desired value is provided with at least two independent integral control elements 8 and 11. Throughout movement mode period T 1 , switch 9 is closed and in the latter half T 2 of the movement mode period, switch 7 is closed. On the other hand, switches 10 and 12 are both closed during holding mode period T 3 . For the purpose, the integral value of a deviation obtained by integral control element 8 is sent through bus 14 and then added to a signal on bus 13, so that the excess or insufficiency during period T 2 can adequately be controlled. During holding mode period T 3 , the integral value of the deviation can be sent to bus 15 by integral control element 11, so that an influence of a disturbance can be suppressed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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