Sealing method for joint of panel and the like


PURPOSE: To exactly carry out a sealing work by accepting allowance of follow-up error in memory locus of a robot, by positioning relatively panels and a sealing machine and moving a nozzle along the joint of panels. CONSTITUTION: Panel such as car body 3 is positioned on a fixed position stoping type conveyer 4. When the conveyr 4 is moved and reach a stage, the body 3 is lifted from the conveyor 4 by a lifter 13 and placed on a locating pad 16 of the lifter and clamped. When a sealing work starts, the nozzle 21a of a gun for sealing which is fixed to a robot, is positioned away from the joint of panels PA, PB. The nozzle 21 is moved at a predetermined speed while injecting a sealing agent 37a at an angle θ of inclination. By this mechanism, various joints in width and in hight can completely be coated with the sealing agent 37a by accepting, the allowance of the follow-up error of a memory locus follow-up type robot. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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