Production of reflecting mirror


PURPOSE: To produce the reflecting mirror having arbitrary shapes and durability economically by subsequently providing layers of light-reflective metals and transparent inorganic materials by vacuum coating method to the body obtained by forming macromolecular organic materials. CONSTITUTION: Light-reflective metals such as aluminum or silver are vacuum- coated on the reflecting mirror body obtained by forming macromolecular organic materials such as polycarbonate and phenolic resins (may be reinforced with glass fibers, asbestos, etc.), whereby the layer of about several thousands Å to 1μ is formed. Next, a transparent inorganic film is formed by vacuum-coating silicon dioxide, borosilicate glass, etc. at velocities of about 100Å/min. or less, whereby the reflecting mirror is provided. Here, the additional improvement in durability may be achieved by subjecting the mirror to maturation such as repetition of heating for several 10 minutes to several hours at the thermal deformation temperature or less and heating and cooling at the thermal deformation temperature or less. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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