Continuously plating apparatus


PURPOSE:To prevent insufficient plating due to bubbles and perform continuous one-side plating without hindrance by connecting an overflow type plating bath vessel and a plating soln. stationary vessel set over the overflow type vessel with a seamless tube. CONSTITUTION:A plating soln. passes through partition plates 19 of plating soln. stationary vessel 18 and flows from outflow hole 20 to plating soln. inflow hole 14 of plating bath inner vessel 13. Soln. feed tube 16 connecting vessels 18, 13 is seamless and connected in a hermetically sealed state. Surface 18-1 of the plating soln. in vessel 18 is held over hold 14, and an overflow from the edge of vessel 13 is set at 0.5-3.0mm height. The soln. flowing out of vessel 18 is deformed through plates 19 and supplied to vessel 13. Strip metal 1 is continuously one-side plated with this overflow type plating bath. Using this apparatus plating is smoothly performed to give a fine plated surface.




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