Urinary sediment sorting counter


PURPOSE: To obtain a device effective for record formation by providing sorting item keys, number setting keys, memory circuit, and output device and then by freely outputting the contents of the memory circuit stored with key-in data. CONSTITUTION: Items for deciding upon existence of components of urine are assigned to keys 101W108, other items to keys 109W124 and those requiring measurements of components to keys 201W209 or 210W221. Through matrix 301, data are supplied to CPU302 equipped with memory units 303 and 304 and its output is displayed by display lamps 6 and printed out by printer 7. Therefore, an examiner only depresses item keys and number setting keys on confirmation through a microscope to register inspection data in memory units and they can freely be outputted by an output unit, so that a total list of results can be made with extremely efficiency. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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