Simple fitting-removal device for bracket in foaming molding machine


PURPOSE:To enable easy fitting and removal of a bracket by embedding permanent magnets in the fitting flange portion of the bracket, forming notches in the portion, and forming a magnetically attractable auxiliary flange portion and L-shaped projection portions on a back plate of a foaming molding machine on the bracket- fitting side. CONSTITUTION:Permanent magnets 15 are embedded in the fitting flange portion 11 of a bracket 10, such as of a material feeder 1 or an eject pin for a foaming molding machine. The back plate 3 of the machine on the bracket-fitting side is fitted with an auxiliary flange portion 30 magnetically attractable by the magnets 15, and the bracket 10 is removably fitted on the side of the plate 3 through utilization of the magnetic force. The flange portion 11 is formed with notches 12, while the flange portion 30 is provided with L-shaped projection portions 32 at the positions suitable for their engagement with the notches 12. The bracket 10 is fitted easily and rigidly by fitting the projection portions 32 in the notches 12 and rotating them.




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