Picture recording and reproducing device


PURPOSE: To make it possible to switch a device to picture recording for a primary program only by operating a selector swtich in picture recording for a secondary program, by providing an automatic switching circuit which switches automatically the channel selection circuit and the antenna selector switch of a TV and a VTR. CONSTITUTION: For the purpose of switching the channel for a primary program to picture recording on VTR9 under a state where the channel for the primary program is received by TV3 and the channel for a secondary program is recorded on VTR9, selector switch 16 is operated first. Then, VTR reset pulse I is issued from switching pulse generation circuit 23 and is applied to terminal RI of VTR9 to switch the channel selection circuit of VTR9 to the first channel. Next, pulse J is generated to operate monitor channel switching circuit 22, and output D is generated and is applied to terminal MI of TV3 to switch TV3 to the monitor channel. Further, pulse J is applied to channel gate pulse circuit 18 and makes this circuit conductive, and the channel pulse generated from terminal PO at a monitor channel switching time is inverted and is applied to terminal UI of VTR9 to switch the channel selection to the channel for the primary program. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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