Liquid fuel combustion device


PURPOSE: To improve vaporizing efficiency of fuel by providing many pillor vaporizers which are projecting above a bottom surface of a vaporizing chamber and striking atomized fuel to them so as to increase areas for contacting, heat-receiving and heat-conducting for the fuel. CONSTITUTION: A burner body 1 includes: flame ports 7, formed at an upper portion thereof by attaching a burner cap 6; a mixture chamber and a vaporizing chamber, formed at the upper and lower portions thereof respectively by providing a mixing and dividing plate 5 therewithin; a plurality of pillor vaporizers, formed so as to be projected on a bottom portion of the vaporizing chamber; a vaporizing heater, consisting of semi-conductor heaters having positive polarity, for example, and is supported by porcelain insulators 2a therebelow; and an atomized fuel inlet port 4, provided at the side thereof. According to this method, areas for contacting, heat-receiving and heat-conducting for the atomized fuel, striking the vaporizing chamber, may be increased, thereby, delayed vaporizing and staying of unvaporized fuel therein may be prevented and charactors for igniting may be improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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