Foerbaettrat foerfarande foer framstaellning av mitomycinderivat.


The invention relates to a method for production of a mitomycin derivative with the formula IX [see Swedish original for formula IX] where R5 is hydrogen or alkyl and R6 is a possibly substituted alkyl or cycloalkyl, with 1 or 2 hydrogen atoms having been bound to the carbon atom which is bound to the 7-oxygen atom of the mitosan, and said substituents being halogen, cyanide, trihalogen methyl, amino, monoalkylamino or dialkylamino, or a possibly substituted alkoxy, alkanoxy, aroyl, aryl, aryloxy, alkanoyloxy, aroyloxy or heterocyclic group, by conversion of a mitosan with the formula X <IMAGE> with a triazene with the formula XI <IMAGE> in which formulae R5 and R6 are as defined above and Ar is an organic residue of a diazotizable aromatic amine.




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