Anordning foer taetning av en springa mellan en roerlig och en icke-roerlig maskindel.


The invention concerns a device for sealing a gap between a moving and a stationary machine part 11, 12. The device includes a sealing ring 15 and a counter ring 13, which have sliding surfaces 16, 14. One of said rings 15, 13 is attached in the moving machine part 11 and the other in the respective stationary machine part 12. The sliding surfaces 16, 14 of said rings 15, 13 are arranged to press against each other and seal the gap between the machine parts. To extend the lifetime of the device at least one stop 21, 22 is formed on the outer surface of the sealing ring and/or counter ring 13, which stop is intended to prevent liquid P that seeps between slide surfaces 14, 16 from running along said outer surface to the inner regions of the device. <IMAGE>




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